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We seek out the freshest ingredients— organic and local when available. All meats are Halal, non-medicated, and hormone free. Original recipes and ingredients have been passed down through several generations, and sincerely nurtured. At The King Shawarma, you can relish authentic Lebanese cuisine with its traditional spices and flavours. Each dish is a culinary journey to tantalize the senses when you dine at The King!

Chef Charif Tarchichi


Over the course of more than two decades, Chef Charif Tarchichi has elegantly demonstrated what true Lebanese hospitality means. He has lived and breathed Lebanese tradition his whole life, establishing himself as one of Ottawa’s most prominent Lebanese chefs and restaurateurs.


With all the experience he has acquired over the years and with the different restaurants he worked, owned and operated one can truly say, Chef Charif is an artist with a wide variety of talents. For some people to be a chef it is a job, but for Chef Charif it is a life. Every dish is carefully created with tremendous care and passion.


In our family, food is what always brings us together whether it is the hours spent in preparation, the time spent eating followed by the rich deserts, music, dancing and laughter. The recipes have been passed on by generations of grandmothers down to our current generation. Now we have the pleasure of sharing the experience of our dishes that have been loved and enjoyed by our family for so long.

The King Shawarma Orleans

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